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IROS 2008: Nice, France

2008 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, September 22-26, 2008, Acropolis Convention Center, Nice, France. IEEE 2008 BibTeX

Micro/Nanorobots I

Force and Tactile Sensing I


Smart Actuators I

Intelligent Vehicles I

Humanoids, Motion Control

Navigation I

Rehabilitation Robotics I

Cognitive Human-Robot Interaction

Aerial Robotics, Control

Learning and Control I


Micro/Nanorobots II

Force and Tactile Sensing II


Smart Actuators II

Intelligent Vehicles II

Humanoids, Kinematics, Dynamics

Navigation II

Rehabilitation Robotics II

Social Human-Robot Interaction, Gesture, Posture

Aerial Robotics I

Learning and Control II

Cellular and Modular Robots I


Force Control

Calibration and Identification

Slam I

Intelligent Vehicles III (Motion Planning & Navigation)

Humanoids and Legged Robots

Localization and Navigation I

Medical Robots and Systems, Control

Social, Physical Human-Robot Interaction

Aerial Robotics II

Autonomous Agents

Cellular and Modular Robots II

Localization with RFID, Sonars

Distributed Robot Systems

Medical Robots and Systems I

Mechanism Design

Legged Robots I

Humanoids I

Slam II

Search and Rescue Robots I

Nonholonomic Motion Planning

Audition I

Field Robots I

Grasping I

Intelligent Vehicles & Intelligent Transportation Systems

Control Architectures, Programming

Distributed Robot and Multiple Robot Systems

Medical Robots and Systems II

Parallel Robots I

Wheeled Robots

Humanoids II

Slam III

Search and Rescue Robots II

Path Planning for Manipulators

Audition II

Field Robots II

Grasping II

Animation and Simulation

Networked, Distributed and Teleoperated Robots

Assistive Robotics for Functional Therapy Application

Parallel Robots II

Locomotion Systems

Humanoids III

SLAM & Mapping


Motion and Task Planning

Sharable Robotic Resources

Field Robots and Locomotion

Dexterous Manipulation and Multifingered Hands

Videos I

Planning Tools and Robots Training

Cooperating Robots, Formation Control

Motion Control

Human and Humanoid in Aging Society

Mapping I

Legged Robots, Dynamics

Localization and Navigation II

Haptics and Virtual Reality

Visual Servoing

Biologically-Inspired Robots I

Computer Vision I

Marine Robotics I

Recognition and Dexterous Manipulation

Domestic and Service Robots

Sensor Network

Adaptive and Motion Control

Social Human-Robot Interaction I

Mapping II

Legged Robots II


Haptics I

Range Sensing

Biologically-Inspired Robots II

Computer Vision II

Marine Robotics II

Application of Robotics and Mechatronics

Service Robots

Underactuated Robots

Flexible Arms and Compliant Tasks

Social Human-Robot Interaction II

Sensor Fusion

Legged Robots III

Localization and Computer Vision

Haptics II


Neuro and Micro Robots

Computer Vision III

Field Robots III

Videos II

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