Farhad Aghili

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23EEFarhad Aghili: Dynamics and control of constrained mechanical systems in terms of reduced quasi-velocities. ICRA 2008: 1225-1232
22EEFarhad Aghili: A gauge-invariant formulation for constrained robotic systems using square-root factorization and unitary transformation. IROS 2008: 2814-2821
21EEFarhad Aghili, Kourosh Parsa: An adaptive vision system for guidance of a robotic manipulator to capture a tumbling satellite with unknown dynamics. IROS 2008: 3064-3071
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16 Kourosh Parsa, Farhad Aghili: Adaptive Observer for the Calibration of the Force-moment Sensor of a Space Robot. ICRA 2006: 1667-1673
15 Farhad Aghili: A Mechatronics Testbed for Manipulator Joints. ICRA 2006: 2188-2194
14 Farhad Aghili, Mehrzad Namvar, George Vukovich: Satellite Simulator with a Hydraulic Manipulator. ICRA 2006: 3886-3892
13EEFarhad Aghili, Kourosh Parsa: Design of a Reconfigurable Space Robot with Lockable Telescopic Joints. IROS 2006: 4608-4614
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11EEFarhad Aghili: A Mechatronic Testbed for Revolute-Joint Prototypes of a Manipulator. IEEE Transactions on Robotics 22(6): 1265-1273 (2006)
10 Farhad Aghili, Mehrzad Namvar: Adaptive Control of Manipulators Using Uncalibrated Joint-Torque Sensing. ICRA 2005: 1694-1699
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3 Farhad Aghili: On-Orbit Calibration of the SPDM Force-Moment Sensor. ICRA 2000: 3603-3608
2 Jean-Claude Piedboeuf, J. de Carufel, Farhad Aghili, E. Dupuis: Task Verification Facility for the Canadian Special Purpose Dextrous Manipulator. ICRA 1999: 1077-1083
1 Farhad Aghili, Martin Buehler, John M. Hollerbach: Disturbance Attenuation and Load Decoupling with Hinfty Positive Joint Torque Feedback. ICRA 1998: 3613-3618

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1Martin Buehler [1] [4] [5] [6]
2J. de Carufel [2]
3E. Dupuis [2]
4John M. Hollerbach [1] [4] [5] [6]
5Mehrzad Namvar [9] [10] [14]
6Kourosh Parsa [13] [16] [18] [20] [21]
7Jean-Claude Piedboeuf [2] [7]
8Murad Shibli [17]
9C.-Y. Su [17]
10George Vukovich [14]

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