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ICRA 2008: Pasadena, California, USA

2008 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA 2008, May 19-23, 2008, Pasadena, California, USA. IEEE 2008 BibTeX


Mobile Robot Localization

Vision-Based Tracking and Navigation

Features for Visual Servoing

Algorithmic Methods in Distributed Robotics

UAV Control

Transparency for Teleoperation

Biological Principles in Robotics

Grasping in Unstructured Environments

Exotic Sensors

Dynamic Walking


Micro/Nano Robotic Applications


Vision-Based Estimation and Control

Vision-Based Localization

Mobile Sensor Networks

Space and Underwater Robotics


Biologically Inspired Robotic Fish

Assistive Hands

Novel Actuators

Quadrapedal Locomotion

Calibration, Accuracy, Identification

Micro/Nano Robots

Position Estimation and Navigation

Visual Attention

Visual Object Detection and Recognition

Sensor Networks and Robots

Underwater Robots

Simulation and Training Environments

Biologically Inspired Robots

Grasp and Manipulation Planning

Multibody Dynamics

Biped Locomotion

Kinematic and Force Calibration

Physical Human-Robot Interaction

Planning Algorithms

Visual Calibration

Range-Only and Bearing-Only SLAM

Swarm Approaches to Cooperative Manipulation

Connectivity Constrained Multi-Robot Systems

Control of Parallel Manipulators

Bio-Insipred and Biomedical Robotics

Grasping and Tactile Sensing

Design and Control of Mobile Robots

Human Detection and Tracking

Compilant Joints for Safe Robots

Video Session 1

Planning with Uncertainty

Visual Place Recognition


Decentralized Control of Multi-Robot Systems with Collision Avoidance

Multi-Robot Systems with Kinematic or Dynamic Constraints

Inverse Kinematics and Redundancy

Rehabilitation Robotics I

Haptic Displays and Interfaces

Mobile Robot Calibration

Human-Robot Coordination and Interaction

Safe Robots

Video Session II

Path Planning

Visual Tracking

Off-Road Mobile Robots

Multi-Robot Search

Vision: Image Capture and Processing

Dynamics and Control of Underactuated Systems

Rehabilitation Robotics II

Medical Robotics Systems for Treatment and Intervention

Non-Holonomic Mobile Robot Control

Human-Robot Interaction: Systems and Algorithms

Position, Force, and Impedance Control


Humanoid Robot Locomotion

Vision for Outdoor Navigation

Particle Filtering

Multi-Robot Searching and Exploring


Robot Control and Dynamics

Sensing for Medical Robots

Applications of Medical Robotics Technologies

Range Sensing

Climbing Robots

Motion and Action Recognition

Actuation, Sensing, and Manipulation for Micro-Robots

Modular and Distributed Robotics Programming

Humanoid Robot Manipulation

Visual Servoing Systems

Filtering and Classification

Swarms and Networks

Learning Systems

Robot Manipulator Control

Medical Robots and Systems

Force and Tactile Sensing

Human Robot Auditory Interaction

Modular Robotics Design

Social Robots and Gesture Recognition

Novel Actuators for Manipulation

Assembly and Manufacturing

Humanoid Robots

Visual SLAM

Motion and Path Planning

Formation Control

Task and Behavioral Learning

Kinematics and Statics of Parallel Manipulators

Medical Robots for Surgeries

Robotic Wheelchairs

Intelligent and Flexible Systems

Inspection Robots

Range Data Processing for Detection and Classification

Robot Applications

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