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ICRA 2002: Washington, DC, USA

Proceedings of the 2002 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA 2002, May 11-15, 2002, Washington, DC, USA. IEEE 2002, ISBN 0-7803-7273-5 BibTeX
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Volume 1

Localization I

Humanoid Robots I

Flying Robots

Petri Nets I

Modular Robots I

Calibration (Kinematic)

Robot Programming

Deadlocks in Resource Allocation

Uncalibrated Vision

Virtual Reality

Motion Planning I

Cooperating Robots I

Mobile Robot Sensing

Binary Actuation

Localization II

Mobile Manipulation I

Underwater Localization

Industrial Automation

Fault Tolerance

Parallel Robots I

Graphics and Simulation I

Force-Guided Assembly

Uncalibrated Visual Servo Control

Novel Applications of Haptics

Motion Planning II

Impedance Control

Mobile Robot Control I

Localization III

Omnidirectional Robots

Underwater Robots I

Manufacturing Information Infrastrucutre

Modular Robots II

Parallel Robots II

Graphics and Simulation II

Fixturing I

Omnidirectional Vision

Haptic Simulation

Motion Planning III

Cooperating Manipulators

Autonomous Agents I

Localization IV

Mobile Mechanism Design

Volume 2

Underwater Robots II

Internet Automation

Micro Locomotion

Parallel Robots III

Telerobotics I

Distributed Manipulation

Vision Processing

Haptic Perception

Learning I

Manipulator Control I

Autonomous Agents II

Localization V

Humanoid Robots II

Biomedical Robotics

Automation Applications

Micro Assembly

Hyper-Redundant Robots

Skill Acquisition


Visual Servo Control I

Tactile Sensing I

Sensor-Based Planning I

Force Control

Nonholonomic Robots I

Sensor Fusion


Humanoid Robots III

Surgical Robots

Petri Nets II

Micro Manipulation

Redundant Robots I

Human Robot Interaction I

Manipulation I

Visually Guided Mobility

Haptics in Medicine

Probabilistic Roadmaps

Fuzzy Logic Control

Internet Robotics I

Volume 3

Legged Locomotion

Humanoid Robots IV

Space Robotics

Flexible Manufacturing


Redundant Robots II

Flexible Robots

Manipulation II

Calibration (Vision)


Multi-Robot Motion Planning

Robust Control

Mobile Robot Navigation

Internet Robotics II


Biped Locomotion I

Vision for Aerial Vehicles


Pneumatic Actuation


Telerobotics II

Fixturing II

Pose Detection

Medical Robotics I


Cooperating Robots II

Robust Visual Tracking

Obstacle Detection/Avoidance

Nonholonomic Robots II

Biped Locomotion II

Space Rovers

Semiconductor Factory Automation I

Micro Actuators

Human Assistance Devices

Teleoperator Stability


Volume 4

Stereo Vision

Medical Robotics II

Learning II

Manipulator Control II

Mobile Robot Control II

Fielding Remote Systems

Nonholonomic Robots III

Mobile Manipulation II

Service Robots

Semiconductor Factory Automation II

Mechanism Design

Parallel Robots IV

Human Robot Interaction II

Multifinger Hands

Visual Servo Control II

Tactile Sensing II

Sensor-Based Planning II

Neural Networks

Machine Learning

Sensor Fusion for Navigation I

Nonholonomic Robots IV

Jumping Robots

Underwater Navigation

Petri Nets III

Modular Robots III

Parallel Robots V

Human Robot Interface


Visual Servo Control III

Haptic Devices

Sensor-Based Planning III

Robot Control

Vision for Automation

Sensor Fusion for Navigation II

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