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ICRA 2001: Seoul, Korea

Proceedings of the 2001 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA 2001, May 21-26, 2001, Seoul, Korea. IEEE 2001, ISBN 0-7803-6578-X BibTeX
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Volume 1

Motion Planning

Petri Nets and Related Methods in Agile Automation

Control for Dextrous Manipulation

Micromanipulation and Microsystems

Trajectory Generation & Control

Programming Architecture

Visual Servoing Experimental Issues

Mobile Robot

Flexible Automation (I)

Control and Mechanism for Production Systems

Haptic Devices and Teleoperation

Space and Underwater Robotics

New Tools for Personal Robotics

Robot Learning

Discrete Event Manufacturing Systems (I)

Sensing for Dextrous Manipulation

Nano / Micro Robotics

Real-Time Sensing and Supervisory Control of Robotic Operations

Collision Avoidance and Sensor Based Control

Visual Servoing Algorithm

Mobile Robot Design & Application

Flexible Automation (II)

Design and Planning for Production Systems

Haptic Systems

Underwater Robotic Vehicle Control

Applications of Robotics Techniques to Computational Biology and Chemistry

Motion Planning and Learning


Volume 2

Part Handling


Nonlinear and Optimal Control

Visual Sensing and Control

Visual Tracking

Mobile Manipulation

Parallel Manipulators

Rapid Prototyping and Design Automation

Simulation and VR

Space Robotics

Frontiers of Robotics (I)

Recent Advances in Randomized Motion Planning

Assembly Planning

Medical Sensor Technologies

Localization (I)

Behavior and Flight Control

Object Tracking

Vision-Based Mobile Robot Control

Mobile Robot Navigation

Spherical Motors and Accurate Positioning

Advances in Semiconductor Manufacturing Automation

Haptics and VR

Teleoperation in Space and Internet

Automobile Industry Automation in Korea

Modeling and Path Planning for Mobile Robots

Learning Systems

Medical Surgery Robotics

Localization (II)

Control of Underactuated Systems

Mapping & Reconstruction

Volume 3

Camera Calibration

Grasp Analysis

Flexible Manufacturing

Biped Robots

Dynamic Simulation & Haptic Interaction

Underwater Robotic Vehicle Control and Behavior-Based Control

Semiconductor Industry Automation in Korea


Robot Design

Modeling and Planning for Dextrous Manipulation

Robot Design and Control Architecture

Control of Robotic System

Robot Assistants

Sensor Based Control

Human Augmentation

Mobile Robot Navigation

Robot Control

IEEE Education Forum

Underwater Vision and Autofocusing

Steel Industry Automation in Korea

Robot Modeling

Identification of Robotic Systems

Collision Avoidance

Architecture for Multi Agent Systems

Fuzzy Control

Robot Cooperation (I)

Dextrous Manipulation

Navigation & Exploration

Flexible Automation (III)

Multi Legged Robots (I)

Volume 4

Rehabilitation Robotics (I)

Manipulation in Underwater Environment

Parallel Mechanisms (I)

Motion and Trajectory Planning

Kinematics and Design of Robot

Trajectory Planning & Control

From Microrobotics to Nanorobotics

Neural and Adaptive Control

Robot Cooperation (II)

Modeling and Vision Application

Discrete Event Manufacturing System (II)

Mapping & Localization

Multi-Legged Robots (II)

Rehabilitation Robotics (II)

Autonomous Vehicles

Parallel Mechanisms (II)

Environmental Navigation with Obstacle Detection and Avoidance

Robotic Actuations

Control of Flexible Robots


Force and Impact Control

Coordination of Multi Agent Systems

Sensors in Robotics

Redundant Manipulators


Walking Robots

Frontiers of Robotics (II)

Humanoid Robots

Robot Sensing and Data Fusion

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