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ICRA 2000: San Francisco, CA, USA

Proceedings of the 2000 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA 2000, April 24-28, 2000, San Francisco, CA, USA. IEEE 2000, ISBN 0-7803-5889-9 BibTeX
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Volume 1




Range Sensing

Part Feeding and Fixturing

Prototyping Design and Automation

Robot Control

Dexterous Manipulation

Robot Learning

Mobile Robotics

Grasping and Contact

Flexible Automation


Cooperative Robots


Motion Planning

Human Augmentation and Assist Devices

Medical Robotics

Real-Time Visual Servoing and Tracking

Dynamic Simulation of Humanoid Motion

Industrial Robots

Constrained Motion Planning and Control



Robot Dynamics

Visual Modeling and Reconstruction

Human Frontier Environments


Volume 2

Path Planning

Mapping and Localization 1

Grasping and Manipulation

Micro Robots

Manufacturing System Design

Space Robots and Rovers

Autonomous Robots

Space and Underwater Robots

Control 1

Actuators 1

Rehabilitation Robotics

Assembly and Motion Planning

Landmarks and Environmental Modeling

Flexible Robots

Novel Transmission Methods

Robotics in Manufacturing

Surgical Robots

Sensing Strategies and Control 1

Target Tracking

Redundant Manipulators

Reconfigurable Robots

Underwater Robotics

Nonholonomic Motion Planning

Applications of Sensing

Neural Network Systems

Parallel Manipulators

Applications of Grasping

Teleoperation 1

Volume 3

Mobile Robots 1

Visual Servoing 1

Fuzzy Logic Systems

Static and Dynamic Contact

Discrete Event Dynamic Systems 1


Sensing and Motion Planning

Navigation and Mapping

Control and Applications 1

Parallel Mechanisms

Manufacturing Scheduling

Haptic Interface 1

Mobile Vehicle Mechanics

Mapping and Localization 2


Legged Locomotion 1

Production Control

Teleoperation 2

Robotics Cooperation 1

Visual Servoing 2

Trajectory Control

Novel Locomotion Techniques

Supervisory Control of DEDS

Robotics in Medicine

Mobile Robots 2


Control 2

Legged Locomotion 2

Volume 4

Rapid Prototyping

Teleoperation 3

Robotics Cooperation 2

Vision-Based Control

Learning 1

Control and Architectures

Stiffness and Compliance

Biped Robots

Discrete Event Dynamic Systems 2

Haptic Interface 2

Manipulator Path Planning

Localization and Mapping

Modeling and Control

Grasp Analysis and Optimization


Actuators 2

Flexible Assembly Systems

Collision Detection and Distance Computation

Sensing Strategies and Control 2

Sensing for Navigation

Learning 2

Grasping and Force Control

Novel Sensing Devices

Dynamics and Optimization

Bipedal and Climbing Robots

Control and Applications 2

Human Robot Cooperation

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