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DATE 2006: Munich, Germany

Georges G. E. Gielen (Ed.): Proceedings of the Conference on Design, Automation and Test in Europe, DATE 2006, Munich, Germany, March 6-10, 2006. European Design and Automation Association, Leuven, Belgium 2006, ISBN 3-9810801-0-6 BibTeX

Keynote Addresses

Allocation and scheduling for MPSoCs and NoCs

Power grid and large interconnect network analysis

Interactive presentation

On-line testing and fault tolerance

Interactive presentation

Chip design records

Model based design and test

Transaction level modelling based validation

Application-specific network on chip design

Interactive presentation

Methods and tools for systematic analogue design

Interactive presentation

Soft error analysis and concurrent testing

System design records

Application-specific architectures

System level performance analysis

Hot topic - 'Network': the Next 'Big Idea' in design? network paradigms in systems, sensors, and silicon

Advances in verification and synthesis for analogue design automation

Interactive presentation

Advanced SoC test scheduling

Interactive presentation

Design methodologies for emerging technologies

Interactive presentation

Processor and memory design

Spatial and temporal mapping for reconfigurable computing

DFM/DFY design for manufacturability and yield

Analogue and mixed-signal design

Interactive presentation

Processor self-test and fault diagnosis

Interactive presentation

Scheduling for real-time and energy

System level modelling and simulation

Interactive presentation

Hot topic: system level design of SoC (4G wireless special day)

Power-efficient hardware/software architectures

Interactive presentation

Timing and noise analysis

Interactive presentation

Test and reliability challenges in automotive microelectronics

Communication methods and networking in automotive systems

System level modelling

Interactive presentation

Hot topic: architectures and NoC (4G wireles special day)


Low power embedded architectures and platforms

Interactive presentation

Transistor and gate level simulation

Interactive presentation

SoC targeted mixed-signal test solutions

Interactive presentation

System optimisation with embedded software

Interactive presentation

Communication-centric system-level synthesis for MPSoC

Interactive presentation

Hot topic: cross disciplinary aspects (4G wireless special day)

Techniques for architecture exploration and characterisation

Interactive presentation

Clocks and routing

Reliability issues for nanotechnology circuits

Interactive presentation

Architectures for predictable real-time computing and communication

Modern decision procedures

Applications, architectures, design methodology and tools for MPSoc

Thermal aspects of low power design

Leakage and dynamic power aware logic design

Interactive presentation

Advanced topics in physical design

Advances in defect modelling and detection

Code and data layout optimisations for embedded software

Interactive presentation

Advanced reconfigurable architectures and applications

Hot topic - introduction to and applications for wireless sensor networks (WSN) - (wireless sensor networks special day)

Leakage-aware circuit design

Coverage based validation

Interactive presentation

Test data compression

Interactive presentations

Resource constrained scheduling

Sequential optimisation, clocking and Boolean matching

Hot topic - design, verification, deployment and test of WSN systems


Power reduction at circuit level

Semi-formal validation methods

Interactive presentation

Testing memories, FPGAs and networks-on-a-chip

Interactive presentation

Architectural level synthesis

Interactive presentation

Advances in state space exploration

Interactive presentations

Low-power design tools: are EDA vendors taking this matter seriously?

System level verification

Memory testing and test set improvement

Reliable microarchitectures

Progress in logic and arithmetic circuit optimisation

MPSoC modelling and design

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