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37EESudarshan Bahukudumbi, Sule Ozev, Krishnendu Chakrabarty, Vikram Iyengar: AWafer-Level Defect Screening Technique to Reduce Test and Packaging Costs for "Big-D/Small-A" Mixed-Signal SoCs. ASP-DAC 2007: 823-828
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1EEVikram Iyengar, Krishnendu Chakrabarty: An Efficient Finite-State Machine Implementation of Huffman Decoders. Inf. Process. Lett. 64(6): 271-275 (1997)

Coauthor Index

1Theo Anemikos [34]
2Sudarshan Bahukudumbi [37]
3Bob Bassett [34]
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5Anshuman Chandra [23] [24]
6Ta-Chung Chang [5]
7Érika F. Cota [28]
8Hiroshi Date [7]
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10Rudy Farmer [34]
11Andrew Ferko [35]
12Sandeep Kumar Goel [16]
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37Chandu Visweswariah [36]
38Frank Woytowich [34] [35]
39Jinjun Xiong [36]
40Vladimir Zolotov [36]

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