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ISCAS 2008: Seattle, Washington, USA

International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2008), 18-21 May 2008, Sheraton Seattle Hotel, Seattle, Washington, USA. IEEE 2008 BibTeX

Data Converters I

Video Processing Circuits

Adaptive Algorithms & Systems

Amplifiers I

Configurable Radio Systems

Complex Networks Analysis & Applications

Blind Signal Processing for MIMO Systems

Current-mode, Analog & Mixed-Signal Circuits

Nano-Sensors & Nano-technologies for Bio-medical Applications

Millimeter-wave & Optical Communications

Graph Theory & Computing

Data Converters II

Coding, Crypto & Imaging Circuits

Image & Video Processing I

Amplifiers II

MIMO Communications Systems

Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics

Advanced Neural Microsystems

System on Chip

Design for Variability in Nano-technologies & Giga-scale Systems

Multimedia Analysis & Quality Assessment

Spiking Neural Networks

Wireless Circuits and Systems I

Arithmetic & Cryptography Circuits

Architectures for Image and Video Processing

CAD and Tools for Analog Design I

LDPC Codes

Nonlinear Systems Analysis

Digitally Enhanced Analog Circuits: Systems Aspects

Process Variations, Memory & Flip-Flops

Nano-Devices, Nano-Circuits & Nano-Architectures

Encoder Optimization

Event-based Neuromorphic Systems

Wireless Circuits and Systems II

Arithmetic Circuits

Image Filtering

CAD and Tools for Analog Design II

Turbo, Trellis & Iterative Decoders

Analysis of Chaotic Systems

Advanced Nanoscale Integrated Circuit Technologies

Computational Blocks

Reliability Issues in Nano-technology SOC & Applications

Picture Coding Hardware

Neural Network Circuits & Systems

Analog Modeling & Simulation

Continuous-time Filters III

Wireless Circuits and Systems III

VLSI for Communications

Communications Architectures

Receiver Circuits

VCOs for Wireless Communications

Algorithms & Architectures for Communications

Live Demonstration of Circuits & Systems I

Live Demonstration of Circuits & Systems II

Live Demonstration of Circuits & Systems III

Live Demonstration of Circuits & Systems IV

Biomedical Sensors & Systems

Biomedical Systems & Signal Processing

Digital Filters

Adaptive Filtering

Discrete Transforms

Digital Signal Processing

Digital Design & Test

Sigma-Delta Converters I

Low Power Design Techniques

Digital Signal Processing for Communications

Circuit Theory

Wireless Communications Circuits I

Modeling & Simulation of Nonlinear Systems

Nonnegative Matrix & Tensor Factorization & Related Problems

Array Circuits

Cellular Nonlinear Networks: Theory & Applications

Visual Signal Coding I

Low Power Smart CMOS Image Sensors & Beyond

Sigma-Delta Converters II

Low Power Circuits

Digital Signal Processing Implementation

Analog Signal Processing

Wireless Communications Circuits II

Analysis & Implementations of PLL

Neuroprosthetic Technologies & Platforms

VLSI Circuits

Cellular Nonlinear Networks: Applications & Implementations

Visual Signal Coding II

Vision Sensors I

Sigma-Delta Converters III

Low Power Logic & Architectures

Digital Audio & Speech Processing

Analog Circuits & IC Technology I

PLLs, DLLs & Oscillators

Wireless Biomedical Systems I

Neuromorphic Circuits

Digital Design

Biosensors in Life & Health Science

Video Over Network

Image Sensors

Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta Converters

Memory Circuits & Architectures

Digital Signal Processing & Emerging Topics


Transceiver Circuits

Wireless Biomedical Systems II

Chemical & Biological Sensors for Environmental Monitoring

Digital Synthesis

Biosensor Systems for Health Care

Reliable Multimedia Networking Techniques

Sensor Applications

Sensor & Actuator Interface Circuits II

Sensory Processing Circuits & Systems

Vision Sensors II

Neuromorphic Circuits & Systems

Neural Systems & Applications

Switching Power Converters

On-chip Low-power Electronics

Voltage Regulators & References II

Data Converters III

Amplifiers III

Mixed Signal Circuits

Analog Circuits & IC Technology II

Analog Techniques

Nano-inspired Technologies & Applications

Implementations of Nonlinear Circuits

Nonlinear Circuits & Systems

Data Converters IV

Clocking & Timing

Digital Filter Design Techniques

Sensor & Actuator Interface Circuits I

Wireless Communications Systems

Circuits for Implantable Devices

Recent Advances in Complex Networks

Analog Design & Synthesis

Energy-Efficient Building Blocks for Ubiquitous Sensing

Multimedia Implementation Techniques

Power Management Integrated Circuits



Digital Filters & Applications

Voltage Regulators & References I

UWB Circuits

Low Power Biomedical Interface Circuits

Advanced Semantic Object & Event Analysis in Video Surveillance

Interconnect Modeling & Power

Novel Interconnect Infrastructures for Massive Multicore Chips

VLSI Implementation of Multimedia Kernel

Other Topics in Power Systems & Power Electronics


Interconnects & Packaging


Continuous-time Filters I

Cryptography Systems

Biosignal Processing & Imaging

Multimedia Forensics & Security

Statistical Simulation & Optimization of VLSI Circuits

Blind Signal Processing

Multimedia Watermarking & Data Hiding

Switching Power Converters I

High-Speed Data Transmission

Circuits for Communications

Digital Filters and Filterbanks

Continuous-time Filters II

Architectures for Communications

Biosensors & Systems

Turning Liabilities into Assets: Secure Circuits in CMOS

Parameter Estimation

Blind Signal Processing for Speech & Audio Signals

Multimedia Understanding & Recognition

Switching Power Converters II

Cryptography & Security

Crypto & Arithmetic Circuits

Memory Circuits

Low-Power Circuits, Logic & Architectures



VLSI Systems

Interconnects, Clock, Noise Immunity & ESD Protection

Signal Processing & Video

Scalable, Distributed & Multiview Video Coding

Visual Signal Processing & Hardware

Rate Control & Encoder Optimization

Advanced Video Coding Related Techniques

Intelligent Videos & Graphics

Image & Video Processing & Recognition

Video Coding

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