Jader A. De Lima

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16EEJader A. De Lima, Wallace A. Pimenta: A current limiter for LDO regulators with internal compensation for process and temperature variations. ISCAS 2008: 2238-2241
15EEJader A. De Lima, Wallace A. Pimenta: A current limiter for DC/DC regulators with internal compensation for process and temperature. SBCCI 2008: 94-99
14EEJader A. De Lima, Wallace A. Pimenta: A gm-C Ramp Generator for Voltage Feedforward Control of DC-DC Switching Regulators. ISCAS 2007: 1919-1922
13EEJader A. De Lima: A Compact On-Chip Capacitive-Coupling Scheme for Very-Low Frequency Applications. ISCAS 2007: 3299-3302
12EEPeterson R. Agostinho, Sandro A. P. Haddad, Jader A. De Lima, Wouter A. Serdijn, Osamu Saotome: A ultra low power CMOS pA/V transconductor and its application to wavelet filters. SBCCI 2007: 31-35
11EEJader A. De Lima, Wouter A. Serdijn: A compact nA/V CMOS triode-transconductor and its application to very-low frequency filters. ISCAS (3) 2005: 1988-1991
10EEJader A. De Lima, Fernando M. Alcaide: On designing linearly tunable high-Q OTA-C filters with low sensitivity. ISCAS (1) 2004: 21-24
9EEJader A. De Lima, Peterson R. Agostinho: A low-voltage low sensitivity sinusoidal VCO for DPLL realizations. ISCAS (1) 2004: 789-792
8EERenato Galembeck, Jader A. De Lima, Márcio C. Schneider: A Gm-C bump equalizer for low-voltage low-power applications. ISCAS (1) 2004: 797-800
7EEJader A. De Lima: An active leakage-injection scheme applied to low-voltage SRAMs. ISCAS (5) 2003: 369-372
6EEAydin I. Karsilayan, Sung-Ling Huang, Jader A. De Lima: Automatic tuning of linearly tunable high-Q filters. ISCAS (5) 2002: 177-180
5EEJader A. De Lima, A. S. Cordeiro: An accurate low-voltage analog memory-cell with built-in multiplication. ISCAS (1) 2001: 101-104
4EEJader A. De Lima, Antonio Petraglia: On designing OTA-C graphic-equalizers with MOSFET-triode transconductors. ISCAS (1) 2001: 212-215
3EEJader A. De Lima, C. Dualibe: A low-voltage programmable-gain CMOS amplifier with very-low temperature-drift. ISCAS (1) 2001: 627-630
2EEJader A. De Lima: A low-voltage triode-MOSFET four-quadrant multiplier with optimized current-efficiency. ISCAS (1) 2001: 735-738
1EEJader A. De Lima, C. Dualibe: A tunable triode-MOSFET transconductor and its application to gm-C filters. ISCAS (2) 1999: 640-643

Coauthor Index

1Peterson R. Agostinho [9] [12]
2Fernando M. Alcaide [10]
3A. S. Cordeiro [5]
4C. Dualibe [1] [3]
5Renato Galembeck [8]
6Sandro A. P. Haddad [12]
7Sung-Ling Huang [6]
8Aydin I. Karsilayan [6]
9Antonio Petraglia [4]
10Wallace A. Pimenta [14] [15] [16]
11Osamu Saotome [12]
12Márcio C. Schneider [8]
13Wouter A. Serdijn [11] [12]

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