Mineo Kaneko

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19EEKeisuke Inoue, Mineo Kaneko, Tsuyoshi Iwagaki: Safe clocking for the setup and hold timing constraints in datapath synthesis. ACM Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI 2009: 27-32
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14EETsuyoshi Iwagaki, Satoshi Ohtake, Mineo Kaneko, Hideo Fujiwara: Efficient path delay test generation based on stuck-at test generation using checker circuitry. ICCAD 2007: 418-423
13EEKoji Ohashi, Mineo Kaneko: Statistical Analysis Driven Synthesis of Application Specific Asynchronous Systems. IEICE Transactions 90-A(3): 659-669 (2007)
12EEMineo Kaneko: Minimal Set of Essential Resource Disjoint Pairs for Exploring Feasible 3D Schedules. APCCAS 2006: 335-338
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2 Mineo Kaneko, Kazuhiro Sakaguchi: Oscillation Fault Diagnosis for Analog Circuits based on Boundary Search with Perturbation Model. ISCAS 1994: 93-96
1 Mineo Kaneko, Masahiro Masuda, Tomohiro Hayashi: A Novel Capacitor Placement Strategy in ASCCOT: Automatic Layouter for Switched Capacitor Circuits. ISCAS 1993: 2094-2097

Coauthor Index

1Hideo Fujiwara [14]
2Kunihiro Fujiyoshi [5] [6]
3Tomohiro Hayashi [1]
4Keisuke Inoue [16] [18] [19]
5Tsuyoshi Iwagaki [14] [16] [18] [19]
6Motoyasu Katsura [7]
7Masahiro Masuda [1]
8Hiroshi Murata [5] [6]
9Takanuki Obata [17]
10Koji Ohashi [8] [10] [11] [13] [15]
11Satoshi Ohtake [14]
12Mahoki Onoda [3]
13Kazuaki Oshio [9]
14Fernando Gil Resende [4]
15Kazuhiro Sakaguchi [2]
16Sarwono Sutikno [3]
17Satoshi Tayu [7] [8]
18Keiichi Tokuda [4]

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