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DATE 2003: Munich, Germany

2003 Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference and Exposition (DATE 2003), 3-7 March 2003, Munich, Germany. IEEE Computer Society 2003, ISBN 0-7695-1870-2 BibTeX
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Volume I

Plenary: Keynote Session

Topic: Ambient Intelligence Visions and Achievements: Linking Abstract Ideas to Real-World Concepts

Energy-Efficient Memory Systems

Embedded Tutorial: Circuit, Platform Design and Test Challenges in Technologies Beyond 90nm


Hot Topic: Scaling into Ambient Intelligence

Power-Aware Design and Synthesis

Test Data Compression

Operating System Abstraction and Targeting (Embedded Software Forum)

Analysis of Jitter and Noise for Analogue Systems and SD Modelling and Simulation

Hot Topic: Securing Your Mobile Appliance: New Challenges for the System Designer

Scheduling and Analysis of Embedded Systems

Recent Advances in DFT and BIST

Analogue and RF Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation

Architectural Level Synthesis

Scheduling in Reconfigurable Computing

Delay Testing and Diagnosis

Embedded Tutorial: Embedded Operating Systems for SoC (Embedded Software Forum)


System Level Modelling

Hot Topic: Runtime Reconfigurable Systems on Chip - An Industry Perspective

Hot Topic: Creating Value Through Test

Software Optimisation for Embedded Systems (Embedded Software Forum

Global Approaches to Layout Synthesis

Platform Design and IP Reuse Methods

Panel: Reconfigurable Computing - Different Perspectives

Analogue and Defect-Oriented Testing

Energy Aware Software Techniques (Embedded Software Forum)

Interconnect Modelling and Signal Integrity

System Level Simulation

Design Space Exploration for Reconfigurable Computing

On-Line Testing and Self-Repair

Hot Topic: Safe Automotive Software Development (Embedded Software Forum)

Mixed-Signal Design Techniques

Design Space Exploration

Low Power Architectures

System-on-Chip Testing

Synthesis and Analysis of Digital Circuits

Embedded System Architectures (Embedded Software Forum)

Specification and Verification in Action

Hot Topic: RF Design Technology for Highly Integrated Communication Systems

Zoning Chip Estate

Panel: Transaction Based Design: Another Buzzword or the Solution to a Design Problem?

Trust in SAT-Based Verification?

Transformations for Real-Time Software (Embedded Software Forum)

Synthesis Tools for Asynchronous Circuits

Collaborative Design and WWW-Based Tools

Performance Optimisation in Hardware/Software Codesign

Dynamic Resource Management for Reconfigurable Systems

Advances in Test Pattern Generation

Analogue and Digital Simulation

Low Power Software (Embedded Software Forum)

Application Specific Memory Synthesis

CAD for Analogue Design, Design Methodologies and Physical Design

Reconfigurable Computing and Systems Design

Low Power Design and Estimation, Verification and Testing

System Level Design and Specification and Testing Techniques

Volume II: Designers' Forum

Design Case Studies

Embedded Operating Systems for SoC (Embedded Software Forum)

Hot Topic: Network Processing Key Technologies and Architectural Components

SystemC Based Design

Embedded Software Design and Implementation (Embedded Software Forum)

Design Exploration Methodologies

Design Methodologies

System Level Design Case Studies

Analogue and Mixed Signal Methodology Design

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