Hung-Ming Chen

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Coauthor Index

1Adnan Aziz [2]
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3Bo-Zhou Chen [29]
4Jian-Hung Chen [6] [8] [11]
5Kuan-Wei Chen [16]
6Po-Hung Chen [14]
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10Youxin Gao [10]
11Shinn-Jang Ho [5] [16]
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13Shinri-Ying Ho [13]
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15Li-Chung Hsu [17]
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18Kuo-Jui Hung [14]
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20Feipei Lai [14]
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22Chong-Cheng Lee [13]
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30Wai-Kei Mak [3]
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32Po-Cheng Pan [29]
33Muzhou Shao [7] [10]
34Naveed A. Sherwani [1]
35Mon-Chau Shie [14]
36Bruce Tseng [26]
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42Li-Pen Yuan [10]
43Hai Zhou [1]

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