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Coauthor Index

1Federico Angiolini [25] [29] [36]
2Luca Benini [25] [36]
3Mladen Berekovic [33]
4Peter Bjørn-Jørgensen [9] [15]
5Philippe Bonnet [28]
6Jens P. Brage [3] [4]
7Aske Wiid Brekling [32] [35]
8Lars Christensen [21]
9Thomas Gleerup [18]
10Mercury Gonzalez [22]
11Jesper Grode [11] [12]
12Bjarne Hald [2] [5]
13Esben Rosenlund Hansen [37]
14Michael R. Hansen [32] [35]
15Jörg Henkel [20]
16Hans Holten-Lund [17] [18]
17Xiaobo Sharon Hu (Xiaobo Hu) [20]
18Mogens Hvidtfeldt [17]
19Jouni Isoaho [26]
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21Andreas Kanstein [33]
22Peter Kjaerulf [30]
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24Rudy Lauwereins [34]
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40Kehuai Wu [31] [33] [37]

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