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42Yukihiro Nakamura [110]
43Michael Nicolaidis [24]
44Christian Olgaard [57] [69]
45Sule Ozev [41] [46] [49] [57] [69] [72] [77] [78] [80] [90] [116] [118] [122]
46Vishal Patel [55]
47Massoud Pedram [153]
48Peter Petrov [54] [59] [61] [63] [65] [75] [86] [87] [95] [99] [101] [102] [104] [106] [114] [115] [117] [134] [137] [151]
49Wenjing Rao [105] [107] [120] [125] [135] [139] [144] [147] [148] [150] [156] [157] [164]
50Sherief Reda [76] [84]
51Ozgur Sinanoglu [56] [58] [66] [68] [73] [74] [81] [82] [89] [93] [97] [98] [100] [103] [109] [111] [121] [123] [126] [129] [131] [132]
52G. Su [125]
53Rasit Onur Topaloglu [128] [136] [140]
54Daniel Tracy [137]
55K. Udawatta [37]
56Mahsa Vahidi [19] [21]
57Alexander V. Veidenbaum [94]
58Tongquan Wei [141]
59Kaijie Wu [141]
60Chengmo Yang [145] [149] [158] [159] [167]
61Tomokazu Yoneda [146] [160] [161]

Colors in the list of coauthors

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