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ITC 2002: Baltimore, MD, USA

Proceedings IEEE International Test Conference 2002, Baltimore, MD, USA, October 7-10, 2002. IEEE Computer Society 2002 BibTeX

Homegrown versus Commercial Solutions for Low-Cost Text

Testing the Tester


Memory Testing

Advances in Soc Testing

Defect-Oriented Test

High-Performance Timing Measurements

Test Data Reduction

Memory DFT, Bist and Repair

Design Validation - Novel ATPG Applications

Novel Techniques for Diagnostics

Connecting Disconnects

Test Data Compression

Lecture Series - Embedded IP for Soc Infrastructure

Chip-Level Crosstalk Identification and Testing

Advances in Fault Simulation and Test Generation

Adventures in Interfacing

DFT Testers

Production Test Automation

Soft and Hard Failure Analysis and On-Line Testing

Soc Benchmarks

Appliaction Series - High-Speed Test Interfaces

Test and Debug of Microprocessors

FPGA Testing

Lecture Series-Silicon Debug

Data Analysis and Yield Model Validation

Jitter Testing in Multi-Gigahertz Digital Systems

Efficient Approaches to Soc Testing

1149.1 Verification and Validation

Scan Stitching

DFT for Manufacturing Problems

Mixed-Signal Test Techniques

Go-Fast ATE!

System Test Design, Bist and System Verification

Advances in IDDX


Embedded Test for Analog and Digital

Maximizing Test Effectiveness and Minimizing Cost

Board Test and Bist for Mems

Debug and Diagnosis

Delay-Test: Practical Experience and Solutions

RF Testing

Test Resource

Can System Test and IC Test Learn from Each Other?

Taps All Over My Chips

Can Scan Achieve The Quality Level We Are Looking For?

Mixed-Signal Bist: Fact or Fiction?

Mission Possible?: An Open Ate Tester Architecture

The Impacts of Outsourcing on Test

Test and Repair of Commodity and Embedded Flash Memories

Testing Highly Integrated Circuits and Systems Using A Low-Cost Tester: How to Overcome The Challenge?

Multi-GHZ Era: Test Challenges and Solutions

Board Test and ITC: What Does the Future Hold?

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