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38. DAC 2001: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Proceedings of the 38th Design Automation Conference, DAC 2001, Las Vegas, NV, USA, June 18-22, 2001. ACM 2001, ISBN 1-58113-297-2 BibTeX
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Nanometer Futures

System-Level Configurability: Bus, Interface, and Processor Design

Making Verification More Efficient

SoC and High-Level DFT


Design for Subwavelength Manufacturability: Impact on EDA

New Ideas in Logic Synthesis

Analog Design and Modeling

Scan-Based Testing


Configurable Computing: Reconfiguring the Industry

Interconnect Design Optimization

Power Estimation Techniques

Functional Validation Based on Boolean Reasoning (BDD, SAT)

Verification: Life Beyond Algorithms

Dissecting an Embedded System: Lessons from Bluetooth

Algorithmic and Compiler Transformations for High-Level Synthesis

Gate Delay Calculation

Memory, Bus and Current Testing


Inductance 101 and Beyond

Memory Optimization Techniques for DSP Processors

Technology Dependant Logic Synthesis

Collaborative and Distributed Design Frameworks


Closing the Gap Between ASIC and Custom: Design Examples

Energy and Flexibility Driven Scheduling

Representation and Optimization for Digital Arithmetic Circuits

Techniques for IP Protection

Visualization and Animation for VLSI Design

Application-Specific Customization for Systems-on-a-Chip

Satisfiability Solvers and Techniques

Power and Interconnect Analysis

Domain Specific Design Methodologies


Analysis and Implementation for Embedded Systems

Industrial Case Studies in Verification

Integrated High-Level Synthesis Based Solutions

Timing Verification and Simulation

On-Chip Communication Architectures

Compiler and Architecture Interactions

Timing with Crosstalk

Low Power Design: Systems to Interconnect

Floorplanning Representations and Placement Algorithms


Signal Integrity: Avoidance and Test Techniques

Novel Approaches to Microprocessor Design and Verification

Scheduling Techniques for Power Management

Novel Devices and Yield Optimization

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