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ICRA 1999: Detroit, Michigan, USA

1999 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, May 10-15, 1999, Marriott Hotel, Renaissance Center, Detroit, Michigan, Proceedings. IEEE Robotics and Automation Society 1999, Volume 4

Robot Mechanism

Sensor-Based Human/Machine Interaction

Part Feeding And Orienting

Vision-Based Navigation I

Sensor Selection And Placement

Mobile Robot Motion Control I

Mobile Robot Sensor-Based Control

Small Scale Mobile Robots

Mobile Robot Mobility And Locomotion

Micro/Nano Manipulation

Assembly Planning

Learning Control

Manipulator Control

Hyper-Redundant Robots

Human-Robot Interaction I

Reasoning And Handling Of Objects

Vision-Based Navigation II

Haptic Display

Mobile Robot Motion Control II

Mobile Robot Sensing

Articulated Locomotion

Multi-Finger Hands

Industrial Invited Session: Industrial Application Of Robot And Automation Technologies

Computer-Aided Assembly Planning

Robot Programming

Neural Network Applications

Redundant Robots

Human-Robot Interaction II

Sensor-Based Grasping

Visual Tracking

Haptic Interface

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