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EDAC 1994: Paris, France

Robert Werner (Ed.): EDAC - The European Conference on Design Automation, ETC - European Test Conference, EUROASIC - The European Event in ASIC Design, Proceedings, February 28 - March 3, 1994, Paris, France. IEEE Computer Society 1994, ISBN 0-8186-5410-4 BibTeX

Session 1A: Processor Architecture

Session 1B: System Level Transformation and Micro Code Generation

Session 1C: Testing Sequential Circuits.

Session 2A: System Design and Mixed A/D Synthesis

Session 2B: Circuit Optimization and Partitioning

Session 2C: BIST Techniques

Session 3A: Finite State Machine Verification

Session 3C: Fault Modeling

Session 4A: Synchronous Finite State Machines

Session 4B: New BDD-Concepts

Session 4C: Applications of Boundary Scan

Session 5A: DSP Implementations

Session 5B: Algorithmic Transformations in High-Level Synthesis

Session 5C: DFT for Delay Faults and Sequential Machines

Session 6A: Estimation During High-Level Synthesis

Session 6B: Towards Statistical and High-Level Timing Analysis

Session 6C: Bridging Faults in Testing

Session 7A: Specification and Synthesis of System Interfaces

Session 7C: Routing

Session 8A: Performance Issues in Physical Design

Session 8C: Various Views on Testing Efficiency

Session 9A: Design Methodologies for the System-Level

Session 9B: Applications of Scheduling in High-Level Synthesis

Session 9C: Delay Test

Session 10A: Tools and Methods for Analogue System Design

Session 10B: Logic, Circuit, and Yield Simulation Technologies

Session 10C: DFT for Datapaths, Controllers, and Arrays

Session 11A: Framework Services for Productivity Improvement

Session 11B: Techniques and Applications for BDDs

Session 11C: High-Level Verification

Poster Session

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