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SMC 2007: Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Montréal, Canada, 7-10 October 2007. IEEE 2007 BibTeX

E-Networks Cyberengineering

Control of Uncertain Systems

Cooperative Systems and Controls

Computational Life Sciences

Homeland Security

Expert and Knowledge Based Systems

Data Mining and Management

Decision Support System

Dependable and Autonomous Systems

Fuzzy Logic Systems

Human Machine Interaction and Systems

Image Processing/Pattern Recognition

Intelligent Information Systems

Intelligent Systems and Soft Computing

Quality and Reliability Systems Engineering

Fault Diagnosis

Discrete Event Systems

Conflict Resolution



Systems Modelling and Control

Machine Learning

Multi-Agent Systems

Intelligent Systems and Soft Computing

Intelligent Transportation

Conflict and Risk Analysis in Systems Management


Data Management and Mobile Communications

Medical Simulation

Intelligent Systems for Green Production and Consumption


Soft Computing in Industrial Applications

Human-Computer Interface

Systems Engineering

Hybrid Systems

Evolution Computation for Image Processing


Privacy in Digital Ages

Intelligent Communication Systems

Intelligent Internet Systems

Fuzzy-Neural Systems

Recognition Psychology and Biomedical Data Processing

Spacecraft, Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery

Enterprise Information Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Information Security, Privacy and Intelligent Communications Systems

Biomedical Cybernetics

Knowledge Acquisition in Intelligent Systems

Resilience in Human Systems

Medical Informatics

Design, Analysis and Control of Discrete Systems

Tools for Discovery, Decision and Design

Biometric Recognition and Its Applications

Advancements in Pattern Classification and Learning Algorithm

Humans and Transportation Systems

Smart Homes and Environment

Human-Computer Interface and Advanced Systems

Advanced Meta-Heuristics with Applications to Power Systems

Granular Computing

Role-Based Collaboration

Additional Papers Scheduled

Additional Papers not Scheduled

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