Jyh-Horng Chou

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1Chien-Han Chen [9]
2Shinn-Horng Chen [2] [4] [11] [18]
3Wen-Hsien Ho [6] [7] [8] [13] [14] [16] [17] [19] [20] [21]
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5Ming-Ren Hsu [14] [20] [21]
6Tung-Kuan Liu [5] [9] [10] [12] [17] [19]
7Jyh-Nan Shieh [3]
8Jung-Hung Sun [3]
9Jinn-Tsong Tsai [5] [9] [10] [15] [17] [19]
10Jia-Ying Tzeng [12]
11Ying-Jeng Wu [1]

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