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IPDPS 2006: Rhodes Island, Greece

20th International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS 2006), Proceedings, 25-29 April 2006, Rhodes Island, Greece. IEEE 2006 BibTeX

Best Papers


P2P and Gred Computing 1

Memory Systems and Caches

Consistency in Grids


Parallel and Distributed Algorithms

P2P and Grid Computing 2

Processor Designs

Load Balancing

Computational Science: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Performance Evaluation and Models


Scheduling 2

Data-Intensive Applications

Energy Considerations

Compilers and Optimization

Memory Sharing

Communication and Coordination

Fault and Failure Tolerance



Image Processing and Visualization

Reconfigurable and Multiple-Width Systems

Programming Abstractions

Resource Allocation

Partitioning and Refinement

Collective Communication

Distributed Coordination

Symbolic Computing Applications


Runtime Optimizations

Distributed Systems

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