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9. IAS 2006: Tokyo, Japan

Tamio Arai, Rolf Pfeifer, Tucker R. Balch, Hiroshi Yokoi (Eds.): Intelligent Autonomous Systems 9 - IAS-9, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, March 7-9, 2006. IOS Press 2006, ISBN 1-58603-595-9 BibTeX

Papers of Invited Guest Speakers

Part 1. Navigation and Motion Planning

Part 2. Tracking Control & Active Vision

Part 3. Localization

Part 4. Multi-Agent Robots

Part 5. Network Agent Systems

Part 6. Evolution and Learning

Part 7. Adaptation

Part 8. Emergent Synthesis

Part 9. Dynamics, Morphology, and Materials in Intelligent Behavior

Part 10. Mobiligence

Part 11. RoboCup

Part 12. Real World Information Systems

Part 13. Humanoid Robots

Part 14. Service Robotics and Human Support

Part 15. Human Behavior Analysis

Part 16. Mutual Adaptation Among Man and Machines

Part 17. Women in Robotics, Human Science and Technology

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