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DSN 2007: Edinburgh, UK

The 37th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks, DSN 2007, 25-28 June 2007, Edinburgh, UK, Proceedings. IEEE Computer Society 2007 BibTeX

Keynote Address

Dependable Computing and Communications Symposium (DCCS)

Session 1A: Security Protection: Architectural Approaches

Session 1B: Software Fault Tolerance

Session 2A: Distributed Consensus

Session 2B: Practical Experience Reports

Session 3A: Embedded Systems

Session 3B: Dependability Modeling

Session 4A: Hardware Fault Tolerance: Emerging Challenges

Session 4B: VM Rejuvenation and Network Reliability

Session 5A: Soft Errors: Analysis and Protection

Session 5B: Processor Level Fault Tolerance

Session 6A: Critical Systems: Risk Analysis and Assurance

Session 6B: Security Threats and Novel Detection

Session 7A: Timing Model and Network Protocols

Session 7B: Security Protection: Algorithmic Approaches

Session 8A: Networking

Session 8B: Experimental Dependability Assessment

Performance and Dependability Symposium (PDS)

Session 1C: System Architecture and Software Assessment

Session 2C: Measurement and Monitoring

Session 3C: Practical Experience Reports

Session 4C: Distributed Algorithms

Session 5C: Availability of Distributed Systems

Session 6C: Modeling and Evaluation

Session 7C: Quality of Service and Error Recovery

Session 8C: Stochastic Modeling

Special Tracks

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