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VTS 2003: Napa Valley, CA, USA

21st IEEE VLSI Test Symposium (VTS 2003), 27 April - 1 May 2003, Napa Valley, CA, USA. IEEE Computer Society 2003, ISBN 0-7695-1924-5 BibTeX

Plenary Session

New Directions in Scan Test

Outlier Identification & Current Based Test

Advances in Built-In Self-Test - I

Analog and Mixed-Signal Test - I

Test Compaction

Testing Buses and On-Chip Interconnect

Test Challenges in Nanometer Technologies

Advanced Test Generation and Fault Simulation Techniques

Analog and Mixed-Signal Test - 2

Test Data Compression

Memory Testing

Power Consumption and Test

Testing Core-Based SoCs


System-Level Test Issues

Diagnosis Techniques

Advances in Built-In Self-Test - 2

Test in the Presence of Bridging Faults

Emerging Circuit Technologies: Test Challenges

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