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ICCAD 1990: Santa Clara, California, USA

IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design, ICCAD-90, November 11-15, 1990, Santa Clara, CA, USA, Digest of Technical Papers. IEEE Computer Society, 1990, ISBN 0-8186-2055-2

Session 1A: Routing Algorithms and Complexity 1

Session 1B: Timing Analysis and Verification

Session 1C: Verification

Session 2A: Routing Methods

Session 2B: Performance Enhancements for Logic and Switch-Level Simulation

Session 2C: Interacting Sequential Machines and Boolean Function Manipulation

Session 3A: Floorplanning Algorithms

Session 3B: Yield Maximization

Session 3C: Sequential Verification

Session 4A: Floorplanning Systems

Session 4B: Circuit Simulation

Session 4C: Logic Synthesis

Session 5A: Analog Layout

Session 5B: High-Level Synthesis

Session 5C: Automatic Test Pattern Generation

Session 6A: Layout Desgin and Verification

Session 6B: Scheduling and Allocation

Session 6C: Topics in Testing

Session 7A: Analog Design and Test

Session 7B: Datapath Synthesis

Session 7C: Partial Scan and Test Minimization

Session 8A: Placement

Session 8B: Design Management in CAD Frameworks

Session 8C: Built-In Self Test and Diagnostics

Session 9A: Technology Driven Routing

Session 9B: Reliability Simulation

Session 9C: Sequential Optimization

Session 10A: Routing Algorithms and Complexity 2

Session 10B: Parallel Matrix Techniques

Session 10C: Synthesis for Test and Diagnosis

Session 11A: Exploratory Initiatives in CAD Frameworks

Session 11B: Switch and Logic Simulation

Session 11C: Combinatorial Optimization

Session 12A: Partitioning and Module Generation

Session 12B: Linear Circuit Simulation

Session 12C: Synthesis Systems

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