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GLOBECOM 2007: Washington, DC, USA

Proceedings of the Global Communications Conference, 2007. GLOBECOM '07, Washington, DC, USA, 26-30 November 2007. IEEE 2007 BibTeX

IP Networks Security

Wireless Security - PHY and MAC

Overlay Routing and Topology

Service and Applications

Power Line Communications / Intelligent Transportation Systems

Cryptography and Key Management

Switch and Router Designs

Streaming and Measurement

Data Storage

Wireless Communications and Networking

Intrusion Detection and Reputation Based Systems

Wireless Channel and Coding Techniques

P2P Traffic and Performance

Routing, Addressing, and Multicasting

Security Protocols

Resource Management

General Symposium (Poster Session)

Energy Based and Cross-Layer Routing Based Protocols

MAC Protocols and Performance Evaluation

Geographic and Cooperative Based Routing Protocols

Power Control and Collision Avoidance

Routing Protocols and Performance

Resource Allocation and QoS Provisioning

Scheduling and Resource Management

Coding, Modulation, and Synchronization

Data Gathering and Data Mining

Modeling of Ad Hoc Networks

Data Aggregation and Compression

Ad Hoc Network Security: Misbehavior, Fault Detection and Secure Algorithms

Multimedia Protocols and Services

Sensor Network Security: Cryptography and Attack Detection

Lifetime Optimization and Energy Management

Localization and Time Synchronization

Wireless and Mobile Sensor Networks

Coverage Control and Network Connectivity

Clustering and Connectivity Based Protocols

Mobility and Coordination

Topology Control and Location Service Management

Performance Analysis of Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks (Poster Session)

Wireless Ad Hoc, Sensor and Mesh Networks (Poster Session)

Cognitive and Cooperative Networks

Communication Theory

Error Control Coding

Transmission Technologies

Fading Channels

Iterative Coding and Processing Schemes


Network Information Theory

Relay Networks


Space-Time Coding

Topics in Communication Theory

Mobility Management

Advanced Architectures and Protocols - I

Routing Protocols

Advanced Architectures and Protocols - II

Quality of Service

Network Security and Privacy

Multicast, Anycast and Wireless

Transport Protocol and Application Services

Multimedia Coding and Control

Multimedia Content Distribution

Wireless Multimedia

Multimedia Systems and Applications

Optical Access Networks

Free Space Optical Networks and Optical Bust Switching

Multipoint Optical Communication

Optical Network Control

Optical Network Survivability

Optical Network Dimensioning and Provisioning

Optical Switching

Optical Communications

Topics in Optical Networks and Systems (Poster Session)

Bandwidth Management

Cellular Networks and WiMAX

Modeling and Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11

Network Measurement and Design

Network Simulation

Performance Modeling

Quality of Service

Routing, Load Balancing and Scheduling

Traffic and Workload Control

Topics in Performance Modeling, QoS and Reliability (Poster Session)



Channel Estimation



Cooperative Networks-I

Cooperative Networks-II

Channel Estimation and Signal Processing


Equalization and Coding

Signal Processing Algorithms

Cognitive Radio I

MIMO Algorithms I

MIMO Capacity I


LDPC Codes

MIMO Algorithms II

Wireless Channel Capacity

Crosslayer I


Space-Time Coding I

Cooperative Communications and Coding I

Crosslayer II

MIMO Algorithms III

Space-Time Coding II

Cognitive Radio II

Diversity I

Wireless MAC

Ad Hoc Networks and Relay


Propagation Channels I

Topics in Wireless Communications


Propagation Channels II

Relaying I

Coding and Detection

Cooperative Communications and Coding II

MIMO Algorithms IV

Space-Time Coding III

Channel Estimation and Synchronization I

Cognitive Radio III

Diversity II


Channel Estimation and Synchronization II

Cognitive Radio IV

Diversity III




Cooperative Communications and Coding III

MIMO Algorithms V

Relaying II


Wireless Networks (Poster Session)

Topics in MISO, MIMO and RF Systems (Poster Session)

RFID, Cellular and Satellite Communications

Cognitive Radio Networks-I

Wireless MAC-I

Modeling and Performance Analysis

IEEE 802.16 Networks

Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks

Wireless Mesh Networks-I

Cognitive Radio Networks-II

Resource Management in WLANs

Routing in Wireless Networks

Wireless MAC-II

Mobility and Handoff

Satellite Networks

Scheduling and Admission Control in Wireless Networks

Wireless Mesh Networks-II

Modeling and Analysis of IEEE 802.11-Based WLANs

Security Issues in Wireless Networks

Network Designs and Protocols

OFDM-Based Wireless Networks

QoS and Resource Management in Wireless Networks

Enabling Techniques-I (Poster Session)

Enabling Techniques-II (Poster Session)

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