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1Zhi-Hong Che [1]
2Hsiao-Hwa Chen [8]
3Kai Chen [9] [15]
4Xiaoling Chen [10]
5Graham Hemingway [9] [15]
6T. John Koo [9] [15]
7Rong Li [1]
8Xia Li [10]
9Husheng Liao [20]
10Xu Ling [11]
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12Qiaozhu Mei [5] [6] [11]
13Peiliang Qiu [3] [4]
14Qinru Qiu [3]
15Hui Sun [2]
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17Jian-Min Wu [1]
18Gang Xie [10]
19Caifu Yang [10]
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21Ming Zhang [2]
22Xi Zhang [7] [8] [12] [13] [14] [16] [17] [18] [19] [21]
23Jiyan Zou [2]

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