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ICIP 2000: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Proceedings of the 2000 International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2000), Vancouver, BC, Canada, September 10-13, 2000. IEEE Computer Society, 2000


Digital, Stereoscopic and 3-D Imaging

Face Recognition

Image and Video Databases I

Image Restoration I

Lossless and Near-lossless Compression

Medical Image Processing

Image Sequence Processing

Image Modeling

Video Object Segmentation and Tracking

Source-channel Coding

Watermarking I

Image Analysis

Color Image Processing and Applications

3-D Image Analysis

Data Embedding

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Wavelet Image Coding I

Radar Imaging

Image Acquisition, Scanning and Display

Image Segmentation I

Motion Estimation I

Nonlinear Image Processing

Topics in Compression and Transcoding

Video Coding I


Convergence of Image/Video Processing, Computer Vision, and Computer Graphics

JPEG 2000

Watermarking II

Image Segmentation II

Wireless Video Transmission

Fractal Coding and Vector Quantization

Facial Image Processing

Video Indexing and Editing I

Image Interpolation and Spatial Transformations

Wavelets and Filter Banks

Image Processing and Coding for Applications

Applications of Image Analysis

DVD Technologies and Applications

Image and Video Databases II

Motion Estimation II

Document Processing


Video Enhancement

Image Processing Applications

Stereoscopic and 3-D Image Analysis

Color Image Processing

Video Coding II

Shape and 3D Model Coding

Morphological Processing and Image Analysis


Second Generation Digital Watermarking Methods

Image Content Extraction and Description for Multimedia

Video Object Tracking

Architectures and Software

Motion Compensated Video Coding

Wavelet Image Coding II

Multimedia Applications

Image Denoising

Neural Networks, Adaptive and Fuzzy Processing

Error Resilient Coding and Error Concealment

Medical Image Analysis

Color and Multispectral Image Processing

Semantic Feature Extraction in Consumer Contents

Image and Video Networks

Image Segmentation II

Motion Estimation III

Stereoscopic and 3-D Coding

Watermarking and Protection

Image and Video Databases III

Image Restoration II

Still Image Compression

Feature Detection

Video Indexing and Editing II

Postprocessing and Halftoning

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