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1EEMartin Stahl, Daniel Bur, Gisbert Schneider: Mapping of proteinase active sites by projection of surface-derived correlation vectors. Journal of Computational Chemistry 20(3): 336-347 (1999)

Coauthor Index

1Til Aach [2]
2Thomas Blaffert [4] [7]
3Hans-Joachim Böhm [6]
4Daniel Bur [1]
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6Philip M. Dean [6]
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11Marius C. Hoener [10]
12Timothy James [6]
13Nicole A. Kratochwil [10]
14Man-Ling Lee [3]
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16Lothar Lindemann [10]
17Pari Malherbe [10]
18Harald Mauser [6] [9] [11] [12]
19Christian Merkwirth [9]
20Andreas Mühlemann [10]
21Edward Müller [2]
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27Gisbert Schneider [1] [3]
28Petra Schneider [3]
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30Nikolay P. Todorov [6]
31Rafael Wiemker [2] [4] [7]

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