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ICIP 2008: San Diego, California, USA

Proceedings of the International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP 2008, October 12-15, 2008, San Diego, California, USA. IEEE 2008 BibTeX

Image Aesthetics, Mood and Emotion

Image Coding I

Image/Video Retrieval I

Stereo and 3D I

Motion Detection and Estimation I

Biometrics I

Stereo and 3D II


Image Quality Assessment I

Security and Authentication I

Color and Multispectral Processing

Restoration I

Enhancement and Denoising I

Image Segmentation I

Recent Advances in Super-resolution Imaging

Restoration II

Image/Video Modeling I

Image Segmentation II

Activity & Motion Understanding

Image & Video Filtering

Motion Detection and Estimation II


Image/Video Retrieval II

Image/Video Retrieval III

Document Image Processing and Analysis

Image Coding II

Image Segmentation III

Distributed Source Coding I

Landmark Shape Sequence Analysis for Video and Volume Image Sequence Processing

Image Quality Assessment II

Spatial Scalability

Interpolation and Super-resolution

Steganography & Steganalysis I

Image/Video Modeling II

Video Surveillance

Implementation of Image and Video Processing Systems

Biomedical Imaging I

Biometrics II

Stereo and 3D III

Video Segmentation and Tracking I

Video Coding I

Face Detection, Recognition and Classification I

Privacy Protection for Visual Information

Image/Video Classification, Retrieval and Browsing

Enhancement and Denoising II

Stereo and 3D IV

Bioimage Analysis

Imaging Applications

Imaging for Geoscience Applications

Face Detection, Recognition and Classification II

Stereo and 3D V

Motion Detection and Estimation III

Image & Video Communications I

Steganography & Steganalysis II

Video Compression Standards I

Image/Video Retrieval IV

Connectivity and Connected Filters

Distributed Source Coding II

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Image Segmentation IV

Image & Video Communications II

Multiresolution Processing

Object Recognition


Stereo and 3D VI

Video Compression Standards II

Image/Video Retrieval V

Image/Video Modeling III

Restoration III

Video Segmentation and Tracking III

3D Graphics Compression and Streaming

Video Segmentation and Tracking II

Face Detection, Recognition and Classification III

Video Coding Standards

Multidimensional Wavelets and Filter Banks

Video Coding II

Image Coding III

Biomedical Imaging II

Biomedical Imaging III

Image Segmentation V

Image & Video Communications III

Security and Authentication II

Enhancement and Denoising III

Image Segmentation VI

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