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ASAP 2006: Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA

2006 IEEE International Conference on Application-Specific Systems, Architecture and Processors (ASAP 2006), 11-13 September 2006, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA. IEEE Computer Society 2006, ISBN 0-7695-2682-9 BibTeX


Session 1: Configurable Computing Machines (Invited)

Session 2: Processing, Storage and Network On-Chip

Session 3: Configurable Processors and Tools (Invited)

Session 4: Parallel Connection Architectures

Session 5: Parallel Processing and Arithmetic

Session 6: Arithmetic: Analysis and Implementation

Session 7: 20th Anniversary Review-Array Processors (Invited)

Session 8: Analysis and Optimizations

Session 9: 20th Anniversary Review Optimizations and Applications (Invited)

Session 10: Energy and Performance Optimizations

Session 11: Video, Coding and Cryptography

Session 12: Memory and Processor Synthesis

Session 13: Matrix and Imaging Designs

Session 14: Cryptographic and Coding Applications

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