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JCIS 2002: Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA

H. John Caulfield, Shu-Heng Chen, Heng-Da Cheng, Richard J. Duro, Vasant Honavar, Etienne E. Kerre, Mi Lu, Manuel Grana Romay, Timothy K. Shih, Dan Ventura, Paul P. Wang, Yuanyuan Yang (Eds.): Proceedings of the 6th Joint Conference on Information Science, March 8-13, 2002, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA. JCIS / Association for Intelligent Machinery, Inc. 2002, ISBN 0-9707890-1-7 BibTeX

Keynote and semi-plenary speakers

8th International Conference on Fuzzy Theory and Technology

Fuzzy Algebraic and Topological Structures

Fuzzy Mathematics

On the Foundations of Fuzzy and Non-Fuzzy Logics I

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets I

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets II

Applications in Geographics & Finances

On the Foundations of Fuzzy and Non-Fuzzy Logics II

Applications of Soft Computing Techniques I. Control

Applications of Soft Computing Techniques II. Medicine

Applications of Soft Computing Techniques III. Data Engineering

Artificial Intelligence and Speech Research

6th International Conference on Computer Science and Informatics


Data Warehouse I

Data Warehouse II

Wireless Networks

Optical Networks

Neural Networks


Web Search Engine

Learning Algorithms

Graph Theory

Information Retrieval I

File System Management

Information Retrieval II

Multimedia Systems

Pattern Recognition

Heuristic Search and Computer Game Playing I

Session Heuristic Search and Computer Game Playing II

Decision-Support System

Data Mining

Adaptive Modeling and Applications

5th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Neurosciences




CIN-4: New Frontiers For Recurrent Networks

4th International Workshop on Frontiers in Evolutionary Algorithms

Approximation and Interpolation

Multiobjective Pareto Evolutionary Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization

Convergence I

Convergence II

Applications I

Applications II

4th International Conference on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Image Processing

Image Base, Watermarking and Video I

Image Base, Watermarking and Vido II

Face Recognition I

Face Recognition II

Thresholding and Segmentation I

Thresholding and Segmentation II

Medical and 3D Imaging

Feature and Pattern Extraction I

Feature and Pattern Extraction II

CVPRIP Algorithms I

CVPRIP Algorithms II

CVPRIP Algorithms III

CVPRIP Applications I

CVPRIP Applications II

CVPRIP Applications IV

CVPRIP Applications V

CVPRIP Applications VI

2nd International Workshop on Intelligent Multimedia Computing and Networking

Multimedia Technology I

Multimedia Technology II

Multimedia Network and Distributed Computing

Image Processing and Retrieval I

Image Processing and Retrieval II

QOS and Network

Encoding and Decoding I

Encoding and Decoding II

Database and Data Management

Mobile Computing and Agent Systems

The 2nd International Workshop on Computational Intelligence in Economics and Finance

Diversity of Economic Systems in Multi-Agent Modeling and Simulation

Artificial Neural Networks and Self-Organizing Maps


Machine Learning

Agent-Based Economic Modeling I

Agent-based Economic Modeling II

4th Conference on Computational Biology and Genome Informatics

Macromolecular Sequence Analysis

Protein Structure and Function

Gene Expression Data Analysis I

Genetic Network Inference

Gene Expression Analysis II


1st Symposium on Photonics, Networking and Computing

Photonic Networks I

Networks I

Optical Components I

Optical Components II

WDM Networks I

Holography and Opto Electronics

Photonic Networks II

Networks II

WDM Networks II

Additional Papers

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