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ICPR 2004: Cambridge, England, UK

17th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2004), 4-Volume Set, 23-26 August 2004, Cambridge, UK. IEEE Computer Society, ISBN 0-7695-2128-2


Invited Papers

Computer Vision

Shape and Structure Matching

Object Recognition

Shape, Volumes and Surfaces

Face Recognition and Synthesis

Texture, Colour and Reflectance

Machine Vision Applications

Factory Automation and Robotics

Security and Human Computer Interaction

Intelligent Transport Systems

Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks

Classification 2

Structural Pattern Recognition

Classification 2

Support Vector Machines 2

Image and Signal Processing

Multispectral Signal Analysis

Biomedical and Biometrical Applications

Signal Analysis 1

Grouping and Segmentation

Matching and Measurements

Medical Applications

Registration and Model-Based Analysis

Detection, Classification and Visualisation

Medical Image Analysis

Multimedia Systems

Face Processing

Video, 3D and Music Analysis, Indexing and Retrieval

Object Reconstruction and Retrieval

Face and Gesture

Multimodal Processing

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