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10. Euro-Par 2004: Pisa, Italy

Marco Danelutto, Marco Vanneschi, Domenico Laforenza (Eds.): Euro-Par 2004 Parallel Processing, 10th International Euro-Par Conference, Pisa, Italy, August 31-September 3, 2004, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3149 Springer 2004, ISBN 3-540-22924-8 BibTeX

Invited Talks

Support Tools and Environments

Performance Evaluation

Scheduling and Load Balancing

Compilers for High Performance

Parallel and Distributed Databases, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Grid and Cluster Computing

Applications on High Performance Computers

Parallel Computer Architecture and Instruction-Level Parallelism

Distributed Systems and Algorithms

Parallel Programming: Models, Methods and Programming Languages

Numerical Algorithms

High Performance Multimedia

Theory and Algorithms for Parallel Computation

Routing and Communication in Interconnection Networks

Mobile Computing

Integrated Problem Solving Environments

High Performance Bioinformatics

Peer-to-Peer and Web Computing

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