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Coauthor Index

1Vikram S. Adve [40]
2Andrew Beatty [12] [19] [21]
3Brian N. Bershad [40]
4Paul Biggar [37] [41]
5Owen Callanan [23] [29]
6Kevin Casey [11] [12] [19] [25] [27] [32] [34]
7Fergal Connor [33]
8Brian Davis [19]
9M. Anton Ertl [3] [4] [6] [8] [9] [11] [13] [14] [15] [21] [25] [26] [27] [32] [34]
10Libero Ficocelli [24]
11Andreas Gal [39]
12Dermot Geraghty [33]
13Andreas Krall [3] [6]
14Sylvain Lelait [36]
15Ciarán McElroy [33]
16Séamas McGettrick [33]
17Colm McSweeney [33]
18David Moloney [33]
19Nicholas Nash [36] [37] [38]
20Andy Nisbet (Andrew Nisbet) [11] [12] [16] [17] [18] [19] [23] [29] [30] [35]
21Albert Noll [39]
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23Bernd Paysan [6]
24Mike Peardon [29]
25James F. Power [7] [10] [20]
26Jan Schier [31]
27Resit Sendag [22]
28James Sexton [23]
29Yunhe Shi [21] [28] [34]
30Milan Tichý [30] [31]
31Edsko de Vries [41]
32John Waldron [2] [7] [10] [20]
33Kevin Williams [37] [39]

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