Andreas Koch

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Coauthor Index

1Viktor Avrutin [22]
2Christoph Beierle [24]
3Mladen Berekovic [27]
4Matthias Böge [3]
5Jens Fisseler [24]
6Hagen Gädke [17] [25] [30] [32]
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8Dietmar Hildenbrand [29]
9Christian Hochberger [27]
10Rolf Hoffmann [33]
11Daniel Horgos [28]
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13Gabriele Kern-Isberner [24]
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15Holger Lange [9] [16] [26] [29] [31]
16Paul Levi [22]
17Christian Müller [24]
18Wolfgang E. Nagel [33]
19Tilman Neumann [10]
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21Michael Schanz [22]
22Christian Schmidt [13]
23Florian Stock [23] [29] [30]
24Mich Tvede [15]
25Jan van der Veen [21]

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