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ICALT 2001: Madison, WI, USA

Toshio Okamoto, Roger Hartley, Kinshuk, John P. Klus (Eds.): Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technology: Issues, Achievements and Challenges, 6-8 August 2001. IEEE Computer Society, ISBN 0-7695-1013-2


Theories and Formalisms

Instructional Design (Including 3D)

Teaching/Learning Strategies (Including Concept Mapping)

Specific Applications

Authoring and Development of Systems

ITS and Agent Based Methods

CMC, Dialogue, Collaborative Learning

Virtual Learning Environments

Support and Tools Systems

Evaluation/Monitoring/Student Models/Information Needs

Linkages/Networks for Linkages and Lifelong Learning/Distance Education/Internet Resources



Agents, Believability, and Embodiment in Advanced Learning Environments

The Integration of Television and the Internet

Collaborative Context-Mediated Experiential Learning through Asynchronous Learning


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