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2. AHS 2007: Edinburgh, UK

Second NASA/ESA Conference on Adaptive Hardware and Systems (AHS 2007), August 5-8, 2007, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. IEEE Computer Society 2007 BibTeX

Special Session on Reconfigurable Antennas

Special Session on Adaptive Wireless Sensor Networks and Optimisations

Special Session on Secure Data and Information Systems

Adaptive and Reconfigurable Circuits for Multimedia

Adaptive and Reconfigurable Circuits for Telecommunications

Adaptive Signal Processing and Sensing

Design for Adaptive Systems for Space Applications

Special Session on High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing

Special Session on Reconfigurable Computing Architectures

Embryonic Hardware, Morphogenesis

Evolvable Hardware

Evolutionary and Bio-inspired Search and Optimization Algorithms for Adaptive Hardware

On-chip Learning and Adaptation with Analog Circuits

Hardware Implementations of Optimization Engines

Special Session on Future and Emerging Technologies

Special Session on Adaptive Circuits and Systems for IP Networks

Special Session on Online Monitoring for Adaptive Embedded Systems

Special Session on ESPACENET

Fault Tolerance and Self-repair

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