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30. ISMVL 2000: Portland, Oregon, USA

30th IEEE International Symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic (ISMVL 2000), 23-25 May 2000, Portland, Oregon, USA, Proceedings. IEEE Computer Society, 2000

Session 1: Invited Address

Session 2a: Neural and Threshold Nets

Session 2b: Spectral Methods

Session 3: Invited Address

Session 4a: Decomposition and Data Mining

Session 4b: Algebra I

Session 5a: Fuzzy Logic

Session 5b: Reed-Muller Logic and Its Extensions

Session 6: Invited Address

Session 7a: Logic and Algebra

Session 7b: Decision Diagrams

Session 8a: Circuits I

Session 8b: Decision Diagrams and Test

Session 9a: Evolutionary and Information Theory Approaches

Session 9b: Image and Language Processing

Session 10: Invited Address

Session 11a: Circuits II

Session 11b: Theorem-Proving and Applications

Session 12: Invited Address

Session 13: Panel Discussion

Session 14: Invited Address

Session 15a: Circuits III

Session 15b: Clones and Asynchronous Machines

Session 16: Invited Address

Session 17a: Arithmetics and Systems

Session 17b: Verification and Power Estimation

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