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GECCO 2007: London, UK

Hod Lipson (Ed.): Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, GECCO 2007, Proceedings, London, England, UK, July 7-11, 2007. ACM 2007, ISBN 978-1-59593-697-4 BibTeX

Ant colony optimization and swarm intelligence: papers

Ant colony optimization, swarm intelligence, and artificial immune systems: posters

Artificial life, evolutionary robotics, adaptive behavior, evolvable hardware: papers

Artificial life, evolutionary robotics, adaptive behavior, evolvable hardware: posters

Biological applications: papers

Biological applications: posters

Coevolution: papers

Coevolution: posters

Estimation of distribution algorithms: papers

Estimation of distribution algorithms: posters

Evolution strategies, evolutionary programming: papers

Evolution strategies, evolutionary programming: posters

Evolutionary multiobjective optimization: papers

Evolutionary multiobjective optimization: posters

Formal theory: papers

Formal theory: poster

Generative and developmental systems: papers

Generative and developmental systems: posters

Search-based software engineering: papers

Search-based software engineering: posters

Genetic algorithms: papers

Genetic algorithms: posters

Genetic programming: papers

Genetic programming: posters

Genetics-based machine learning: papers

Genetics-based machine learning: posters

Real-world applications: papers

Real-world applications: posters

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