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ICPR 2006: Hong Kong, China

18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2006), 20-24 August 2006, Hong Kong, China. IEEE Computer Society 2006, ISBN 0-7695-2521-0 BibTeX

Volume I


Track 1: Computer Vision and Image Analysis

Mon-O-I-1: 3D Reconstruction and Segmentation

Mon-P-I-1: 3D and Stereo

Mon-O-I-2: Image Analysis Applications

Mon-P-I-2: Face and Human Analysis

Mon-O-I-3: Face Recognition

Mon-P-I-3: Computer Vision

Track II: Pattern Recognition and Basic Technologies

Invited Paper

Mon-O-II-1: Character Recognition and Document Analysis

Mon-O-II-2: Clustering Algorithms I

Mon-O-II-3: Clustering Algorithms II

Track III: Signal, Speech and Image Processing

Invited Paper

Mon-O-III-1: Signal Coding and Compression

Mon-O-III-2: Document Image Enhancement

Mon-O-III-3: Visualization and Restoration

Track IV: Systems, Robotics and Applications with Associated Theme: Biometrics

Invited Paper

Mon-O-IV-1: Biomedical Imaging I

Mon-O-IV-2: Fingerprints

Mon-O-IV-3: Range Imaging and Remote Sensing Applications

Track V: Cognitive Approaches & Soft Computing

Invited Paper

Mon-O-V-1: Gesture and Emotion Recognition

Mon-P-V-1: Cognitive Approaches and Soft Computing

Mon-O-V-2: Human Computer Interaction

Mon-O-V-3: Semantic Analysis for Content Retrieval

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