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Coauthor Index

1Amit C. Awekar [26]
2Minakshi Banerjee [16]
3Mohua Banerjee [22]
4Pratyush Banerjee [38]
5Anupam Basu [38]
6Biswarup Dasgupta [14]
7Kalyankumar Datta [30]
8Souvik Debnath [35]
9Niloy Ganguly [34] [35]
10Gaurav Garg [38]
11Saptarshi Ghosh [37]
12Prithwijit Guha [24] [28]
13Himanshu Gupta [21]
14Nitin Gupta [27]
15Prateek Jain [23]
16Jaewoo Kang [26]
17Harish Karnick [20] [31] [39]
18Gobinda Kole [30]
19Malay Kumar Kundu (Malay K. Kundu) [16]
20D. Dutta Majumder [17]
21Prasenjit Majumder [30]
22Nitin Mangal [27]
23Rupesh R. Mehta [20]
24Mandar Mitra [30]
25Sushmita Mitra [1] [3] [4] [9]
26Amitabha Mukerjee [24] [28]
27Jayanta Mukhopadhyay [36]
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31Rajarshi Pal [36]
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43Kamal Tiwari [27]
44Pradeep Vaghela [24]
45Mayank Vatsa [15] [18]
46K. S. Venkatesh [24] [28]

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