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66. VTC Fall 2007: Baltimore, MD, USA

Proceedings of the 66th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, VTC Fall 2007, 30 September - 3 October 2007, Baltimore, MD, USA. IEEE 2007 BibTeX

Ad Hoc Routing Protocols

Ad Hoc Wireless Networks

Cellular Network Architectures

Energy-Efficient Wireless Networks

Error Control and Multicast in Wireless Networks

Heterogeneous Networks

Infrastructured Wireless Networks

Location and Mobility Management

Medium Access Control

Resource Management

Scheduling and Power Control

Sensor Networks

Feedback/Adaptive MIMO

MIMO Cellular

MIMO Detection

MIMO Diversity/Outage

MIMO Equalization


MIMO: Channels + Estimation

Multi User MIMO I

Multi User MIMO II

Multiple Antenna Transmission and Reception

Propagation, Channel Modeling, and Signaling for Multiple Antenna Communication Systems

Space Time Coding

Applications and Modelling

Channel Modelling

New Measurement Results

Propagation and Multiple Antennas

Propagation Theory

Tools for Measurements and Network Planning

CDMA and Spread Spectrum I

CDMA and Spread Spectrum II

Channel and Source Coding

Channel estimation for OFDM

Coding, Signal Processing, and System Capacity

Cooperative Diversity


Fading Channels

Modulation and Coding





Transportation Systems

Cellular and Heterogeneous Networks I

Cellular and Heterogeneous Networks II

Cognitive Radio

Cross-Layer Design

MAC and Frequency Reuse

MAC and Power Control

Modulation and Coding II

OFDM Systems: Interference Mitigation

OFDM Systems: Resource Allocation

OFDM Systems: Scheduling and Channel Assignment

OFDM(A) Systems

QoS and Power Control

WLAN and WiMax

Broadcast & Multicast

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Location Applications

Service Management

Wireless Applications

Wireless Device Architectures I

Wireless Device Architectures II

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