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ICNSC 2008: Hainan, China

Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control, ICNSC 2008, Hainan, China, 6-8 April 2008. IEEE 2008 BibTeX

Control Theory and Application 1

Embedded Systems

Formal Methods and Application

Fuzzy Modeling and Control

Grid and Cluster Computing

Special Session: Humanized Systems I

Control Theory and Application 2

Emergency Response and Hhomeland Security

Mobile Neworks

Multi-agent Systems

Networked Control

Neural NetWorks 1

Interactive Section A

Control Theory and Application 3

Image Processing I

Special Session: New Ideas and New Challenges for Business

Novel System Design and Development

Pattern Recognition

Special Session: Recurrent Neural Networks

Control Theory and Application 4

Image Processing 2

Robotics and Control


Target Tracking Systems

Wireless Sensor Networks 1

Sensor Design and Application

System Perfbrmance and Optimization

Security 1

Special Session: Ubiquitous Computing and Networking

Special Session: Serice Oriented Computing

Special Session: Humanized Systems 2

Wireless Sensor Networks 2

Neural Networks 2

Security 2

Intelligent Multimedia Information Systems

Image Processing 3

Network and applications

Wireless Sensor Networks 3

Special Session: Analysis of Neural Data

Special Session: Biomedical Signal Analysis

Special Session: Collaborative Product Development

Web Sevices

Special Session: Computational Intelligence in Robotics

Interactive Section B

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