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ICME 2001: Tokyo, Japan

Proceedings of the 2001 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, ICME 2001, August 22-25, 2001, Tokyo, Japan. IEEE Computer Society 2001 BibTeX

Video Coding and Transcoding

Human Machine Interface and Interaction I

Image and Video Segmentation

Multimedia Transmission

Multimedia Technologies I

Audio Coding and Processing

A Life & Multimedia

Image Retrieval I


VLSI Implementations of Multimedia Processors

Signal Processing I

Image & Video Analysis I

Multimedia Retrieval

Watermarking Technology

Multimedia Technologies II

Signal Processing II

Human Machine Interface and Interaction II

Image Retrieval II


Multimedia Technologies III

Collaborative Environment

Wireless Communication

Multimedia Technologies IV

Multimedia Database Systems

Multimedia Applications I

Technologies and Systems for Computer Mediated Nonverbal Communications


Multimedia Technologies V

Content Abstraction and Summarization

New Trends of Learning Technology: Contents, Collaboration, Application and Standards

Technologies and Systems for Computer Mediated Nonverbal Communications II


Image & Video analysis II

Content Structuring

Indexing I

Traffic Management

Web-based Applications

Audio Synthesis & Analysis

Content Recognition and Understanding I

Human Computer Interface for Augmented Reality Applications

Content Recognition and Understanding II

Multimodal & Multimedia Interface

Multimedia Technologies VI

Indexing II

Multimedia Applications II

Indexing III

Multimedia Technologies VII

Quality-of-Service and Multimedia Communication over the Wireless

Analyses in Multimedia Data Processing

Multimedia Technology I

Multimedia Technology II

Multimedia Database

Multimedia Coding

Multimedia Processing

Multimedia System

Multimedia System & Applications

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