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5. SPDP 1993: Dallas, Texas, USA

Proceedings of the Fifth IEEE Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing, December 1-4, 1993, Dallas, Texas, USA. IEEE Computer Society Press, 1993, ISBN 0-8186-4221-1

Applications and Experimental Results I

Architecture I

Wormhole Routing

Storage Management


Applications I

Interconnection Networks/Routing I

Performance Evaluation I

Geometric Algorithms

Distributed Systems I

Performance Evaluation II

Mesh Computations

Applications and Experimental Results II

Interconnection Networks/Routing II

Message-Passing Systems

Partitioning and Mapping I

Architecture II

Applications II

Languages I

Reliability and Fault-Tolerance I

Distributed Algorithms


Languages II

Fault-Tolerant Communication

Interconnection Networks/Routing III


Parallel Algorithms

Distributed Systems II

Partitioning and Mapping II

Network Communication

Applications and Experimental Results III

Reliability and Fault-Tolerance II

Interconnection Networks/Routing IV

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