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ITC 1982: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Proceedings International Test Conference 1982, Philadelphia, PA, USA, November 1982. IEEE Computer Society 1982 BibTeX
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Session 1: Invited Speekers

Session 2: Fault Modeling and Test Effectiveness Evaluation for VLSI Circuits

Session 3: Design for Testability

Session 4: Test Equipment and Methods I

Panel Session 7: Professional Aspects of Test Engineering

Session 8: ATPG and Simulation Systems-The State of the Art.

Session 9: Self-Test: Chip Level to System Level Approaches

Session 10: Memory-Test-An International Art

Session 11: Quality and Reliability

Session 12: Test Data Analysis Closes the Production Loop

Session 13: Testability Measurement and Enhancement

Session 14: Systems Tools

Session 15: Computer Enhanced Analog Test Techniques

Session 16: VLSI/MicroprocessorTests-Making Micrprocessors More Testable

Session 17: Test Software

Session 18: Board Testing I

Session 19: Test Economics

Session 20: VLSI/Microprocessor Tests-New Approaches

Session 21: Test Equipment and Methods II

Session 22: Board Testing II

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