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ICIP 1997: Washington, DC, USA

Proceedings 1997 International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP '97), Washington, DC, USA, October 26-29, 1997. IEEE Computer Society, 1997, online publication http://computer.org/proceedings/icip/8183/index.htm

Volume 2

Emerging Techniques in Oral Rate-Distortion Based Image and Video Coding

Video Coding II Oral

Robust Video Oral

Medical Image Analysis I Oral

Motion Tracking/Estimation Poster

Image Analysis Poster

Lossless Image Coding Poster

Fractal Image Coding Poster

Image/Video Enhancement II Poster

Image Features Poster

Image/Video Representation Poster

Image/Video Segmentation Oral

Multimedia Database Oral

Image Processing Oral Hardware/Paralell Algorithms

Subband/Wavelet Coding Poster

Applications Poster

Image Boundary, Curves and Poster Surfaces

Video Coding III Poster

Content Based Retrieval II Poster

Stochastic Image Models Poster

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