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IFIP Congress Topical Sessions 2004: Toulouse, France

René Jacquart (Ed.): Building the Information Society, IFIP 18th World Computer Congress, Topical Sessions, 22-27 August 2004, Toulouse, France. Kluwer 2004, ISBN 1-4020-8156-1 BibTeX

Topic 1: Semantic Integration of Heterogeneous Data

Topic 2: Virtual Realities and New Entertainment

Topic 3: Fault Tolerance for Trustworthy and Dependable Information Infrastructures

Topic 4: Abstract Interpretation

Topic 5: Multimodal Interaction

Topic 6: Computer Aided Inventing

Topic 7: Emerging Tools and Techniques for Avionics Certification

Topic 8: The Convergence of Bio-Info-Nano-Technologies

Final papers not available at press time

Topic 9: E-learning

Topic 10: Perspectives on Ambient Intelligence

Topic 11: TRain: The Railway Domain - A Grand Challenge

Topic 12: Open-Source Software in Dependable Systems

Topic 13: Interdependencies of Critical Infrastructure

Final papers not available at press time

Topic 14: Social Robots - Challenges for Machine Intelligence

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